Section 65 Guidelines about codes of conduct

  1. The Regulator may provide written guidelines—
    1. to assist bodies to develop codes of conduct or to apply approved codes of conduct;
    2. relating to making and dealing with complaints under approved codes of conduct; and
    3. about matters the Regulator may consider in deciding whether to approve a code of conduct or a variation or revocation of an approved code of conduct.
  2. The Regulator must have regard to the guidelines as set out in section 7(3)(a) to (d) when considering the approval of a code of conduct for the processing of personal information for exclusively journalistic purposes where the responsible party is not subject to a code of ethics as referred to in section 7(1).
  3. Before providing guidelines for the purposes of subsection (1)(b), the Regulator must give everyone the Regulator considers has a real and substantial legitimate interest in the matters covered by the proposed guidelines an opportunity to comment on them.
  4. The Regulator must publish guidelines provided under subsection (1) in the Gazette.