Chapter 10


Section 73 Interference with protection of personal information of data subject
Section 74 Complaints
Section 75 Mode of complaints to Regulator
Section 76 Action on receipt of complaint
Section 77 Regulator may decide to take no action on complaint
Section 78 Referral of complaint to regulatory body
Section 79 Pre-investigation proceedings of Regulator
Section 80 Settlement of complaints
Section 81 Investigation proceedings of Regulator
Section 82 Issue of warrants
Section 83 Requirements for issuing of warrant
Section 84 Execution of warrants
Section 85 Matters exempt from search and seizure
Section 86 Communication between legal adviser and client exempt
Section 87 Objection to search and seizure
Section 88 Return of warrants
Section 89 Assessment
Section 90 Information notice
Section 91 Parties to be informed of result of assessment
Section 92 Matters referred to Enforcement Committee
Section 93 Functions of Enforcement Committee
Section 94 Parties to be informed of developments during and result of investigation
Section 95 Enforcement notice
Section 96 Cancellation of enforcement notice
Section 97 Right of appeal
Section 98 Consideration of appeal
Section 99 Civil remedies