Part A

Information Regulator

Section 39 Establishment of Information Regulator
Section 40 Powers, duties and functions of Regulator
Section 41 Appointment, term of office and removal of members of Regulator
Section 42 Vacancies
Section 43 Powers, duties and functions of Chairperson and other members
Section 44 Regulator to have regard to certain matters
Section 45 Conflict of interest
Section 46 Remuneration, allowances, benefits and privileges of members
Section 47 Staff
Section 48 Powers, duties and functions of chief executive officer
Section 49 Committees of Regulator
Section 50 Establishment of Enforcement Committee
Section 51 Meetings of Regulator
Section 52 Funds
Section 53 Protection of Regulator
Section 54 Duty of confidentiality